Saturday, December 13, 2014

Samsung HW-H55 the soundbar with a subwoofer

Are you prepared for the the best sound-bar
Do you often find your self on the edge of the couch any time you watch television? It is incredibly probable that you are unable to hear the ity bity integrated loudspeakers your personal television set has? If that's the case, grab the Samsung HW-H550 sound bar system so that you can finally kick back and relax. The HW-H550 sound bar throws wave after wave of audio over the room resulting in the the most dazziling stereo experience. What's more, it features a bluetooth wireless sub woofer of which tops off the surroundsound with thunderous bass. Truly the only occasion you'll be on the edge of the couch will be while playing an intense video game or even viewing a new suspenseful film.

Various set up choices provides you with complete audio control
This specific sound bar provides you with the option for installing on the wall or it can rest on the same stand together with your television. It is possible to place the subwoofer just about anywhere. It syncs wirelessly with the sound-bar, so you don't have to run long wires to enjoy deep bass that TV speakers can't deliver. Powerful bass means those action movies will explode with life in your living room. Are you gonna be worried about waking up the children, spouse, as well as others who live nearby in the course of an action filled dvd scene? The awesome Smart Volume function helps prevent major within volume level, both throughout a dvd as well as while you're watching television having offensively noisy commercial interruptions.

Bluetooth features mean more than just music
Keep your smartphone around when you're near this sound bar. Its a piece of cake to connect the bluetooth bar to the cellphone. Full range vibrant audio is going to fill the room straight from your smartphone. This great sound-bar is so brilliant you can also switch it on using your cellphone. In case you have a Bluetooth-compatible Samsung Television, it is possible to link up the HW-H550 with it wirelessly, supplying you with more set up flexibility. That's a lot more Bluetooth functionality than we're used to seeing in bars or most other home audio components.
sony sound bar 260
A USB port, too
The HW-H550 has yet another neat feature not found on many bars: a USB port. All you will need to do is load your usb thumb drive with your preferred tunes and put it straight into the USB. You could let it stay plugged in and your tunes are always there whenever you want to hear. In spite of having a wall mounted soundbar, you do not lose usage of the USB dock. The HW-H550 provides a USB cable and adapter, so its possible to utilize usb drives with no direct access to the rear panel slot.

Superb all around sound system for the price It may not be a top end bar such as the $1500 Paradigm bar, but it really is best in class for its price range. Samsungs HW-H550 destroys all the competition inside of its price range, and produces top quality audio for a mid-range price. If your price range is in close proximity to $1500 you should purchase the Paradigm soundbar. Then again, the HW-H550 features superb surround sound for a small fraction of the cost that the Paradigm provides.


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